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The following Testimonials consist of actual, submitted commentary taken from past clients and relates to their experiences working with Aiello Designs.


Elisa D.
Roselle, NJ
Product: Educational Toy

"I first contacted Justin at Aiello Designs after I read the reviews on his company's website. I was very impressed after speaking with him and as such, Aiello Designs was the first and only prototype company I contacted. It was a very easy process working with Justin who always responded quickly to my questions and always completed each step of the process ahead of the date he gave me. He also readily helped when I needed changes to be made to the initial prototype. Aiello Designs is a full-service company and as such, he can also work with clients from conducting a patent search to finding a good manufacturer for their products if they require that service. I was very pleased with Justin's professionalism and quality of work and would highly recommend Aiello Designs to anyone who is thinking of creating a product."
Connie C.
New Smyrna Beach, FL
Lighting Product

"Although Justin lives 2000 miles away from me I felt that my vision was in good hands from the very beginning. Justin made sure he understood my concept and has made helpful contributions. His patience with working over the phone with a computer-challenged novice is priceless! His expertise in producing the prototype was invaluable as was his advice on the patent process. His encouragement allayed my doubts of my ability to bring my first invention to fruition. I am very grateful to Justin and would recommend him to other inventors."
Donald H.
Washington DC
Product - Cleaning Device

"I got lucky when I found Aiello Designs. Up until that point I only had a patent and did not know what to do next. Justin helped me turn my invention into a working prototype and made it better in the process. It came out awesome! The entire development process was new to me, but Justin took the time to explain things as we went along. I took my prototype to trade shows and now I have the confidence to go to production. Justin will be helping me with that too. It's nice to know there are still quality, honest people out there."
Mike K.
Colorado Springs, CO
Outdoor Game

"Working with Justin Aiello has been a great experience. Our team has been working with Justin for 2 years on a multi-part product and he has consistently over delivered. Justin is gifted in making an idea a reality. He is both honest about the realistic chance of a new idea as well as skilled at acting on your idea. Invest in quality design or your idea won't scale."
Jeff S.
Elizabeth, NJ
Lifestyle Product

"Was originally unsure what it was like to work with any product designer. But, working with Justin was very easy. The most important aspect was that he contributed to the end design of my product, improving upon my original design. The entire process turned out to be very easy. His turnaround time getting me the final drawings was exceedingly fast as he was able to envision my product while improving upon it in the process. Needless to say, I was very happy about the entire experience as he cares about each individual and their product. I would not hesitate in recommending him and would certainly be a repeat customer as I was very happy with all the services he provided."
Ryan B.
Waterville, ME
Bowman Gadgets LLC

"My experience working with Aiello was great. Justin made the process very straight forward and easy to understand. I look forward to working with Aiello on our next project!"
Kathy Jovien
The Woodlands, TX
Pet Product

"Justin has been invaluable in my venture with my invention. When I first had the conceptual idea, I wasn't sure which direction to take to bring it to fruition. After speaking with patent attorneys and reading countless invention start up company stories, I found and read about Justin on the internet. Once I spoke with him; I immediately knew I was dealing with somebody that was in it for the love of the industry and not just too push me through as another number of the countless herds of inventors. Justin is an experienced professional while being easy to talk and brainstorm on the product details. I truly appreciate his service and will continue too request his help and knowledge in future ventures. Thank you again for your time and service."
Marcellus S.
Boston, MA
Boat Safety Product

"I want to thank Justin for his good work. He is wonderful, good and marvelous. I really don't know how to thank him for the prototype he made for me. I encourage all inventors to work with Justin. He is good, competent and serious in what he is doing. I will be calling Justin again in the future."
James M.
Tewksbury, MA
Boat Accessory

"Justin worked with me on the design, engineering and production of my invention like it was his own. His interest was genuine."
Linda B.
Sacramento, CA
Restaurant Product

"While dinging at a local restaurant, I was struck by a great idea. The next day I called Justin and we began developing my invention. Justin helped me through the Invention Development process and I now have a beautiful prototype and a Patent Pending as well. Justin is very clearly an expert at what he does. It was easy and fun. I could not have done this without Aiello Designs."


Kristin M.
New York, NY
Product - Kitchen Product

"I've worked with Justin on two projects over the course of the past several years and can honestly say that I never would have been able to move my idea forward without him. Finding Justin was a serendipitous stroke of luck; talented, honest and pure-play independent product engineers willing to accommodate entrepreneurs' smaller projects are few and far between. It doesn't get any better than Justin. Consider yourself fortunate to have found him!"
Rob S.
West Gardiner, ME
Product - Plant Growing Supports

"Justin continues to impress me the longer we work together. As our project has developed, and new ideas come to mind, Justin does well to keep the overall project specifications in mind when adding new product ideas to the mix. We have gone from idea to prototype, and are soon to be in production with our first set of products; and have worked with Justin on three more products since. He has yet to disappoint at any step of the process."
Maiya S.
Washington , DC
Product - Clipper Blade Protector

"Since developing my fist product with Justin back in 2016, I worked with him to develop 3 additional products. The first product has been on the market for about 1 1/2 years now and we were able to successfully translate our customers concerns into an updated design. One better than the previous models. Hands down, he's professionally one of the best in the business. Highly recommend his service for product development."
Dr. Diane N. & Family
Las Vegas, NV
Product - Camera Privacy Cover for Smartphone

"Words can not fully express our sincere gratitude and deepest respect for all that Mr. Justin Aiello and Aiello Designs, LLC has done for our family. Our journey to envisioning our first working prototype has become a reality; with current patent pending status, and onward to mass production. As aspiring inventors in hopes of making a difference in the world, this would have not been possible without Justin's exceptional gift of engineering and designs. His keen sense of understanding and encouragement through every step of the way, with an astute business style is deeply admired; and fosters a respectful and trusting relationship. My family will surely look forward in working with Mr. Aiello and his phenomenal team on our next idea and invention. We are very hopeful to move forward to patent status in 2018!"
Jon M.
Adel , IA
Product - Electronic Vehicle Safety Device

"When I started this adventure I had no idea the steps necessary to make my idea become a reality. Justin was aware of that, and not once did he make me feel misguided or misinformed. He guided me in the process and has proven to be an excellent resource to lean on. Justin has an incredible eye for detail and possesses the ability to foresee any potential issues or alterations needed that will save you money! He really is one of the few that works for the benefit of the customer! Justin is an artist! I couldn't be happier with my services from him!"
Neil H.
Chapaqua, NY
Product - Electric Drink Cooler

"Justin was a fantastic partner to work with over the past year. While I was hesitant at first to hand over the engineering of my product to a third party, it quickly became apparent that Justin is better described as a team member. His advice is on point, and his work has exceeded expectations. We were able to get to a final product in two prototypes which is rare when developing of a new product. He responds quickly and shares his perspective and experience every step of the way. I trusted Justin with the development of my product and am glad I did."
Dave D.
Holliston, MA
Product - Ergometer Accessories

"Working with Justin has been a breeze. Finding a company to make my idea a reality was something I thought would be a very long and strenuous road. Justin and Aiello Designs has made my process a lot easier than I expected. After our initial call, Justin said he could get right on it and within 2 months I had my product in hand! I am currently still working with Justin to add accessories to make it the best it can be and I will continue to use Justin for anything else I need in the future. Very easy to work with and most knowledgeable in this field!"
Michelle R.
Valley View, TX
Product - Customizable Flip Flop

"Working with Justin was nothing but wonderful. He was prompt, informative, had a good ear and offered a wealth of ideas. Justin was able to hear my idea, offer his insight and tweak it to a much more effective product yet still maintaining the original idea. I definitely would work with Justin again. Top notch! "
Andy P.
Albany, NY
Product - Self watering plant system

"This past year, after burning up the internet not knowing what I was looking for, I reached out to Justin after visiting his website. He was extremely professional in his approach with me, given that fact that I had zero knowledge in what it was I was looking for. Justin always took my calls and patiently explained to me the various processes that would be required to bring my idea to life. Justin delivered my concept in the form of a prototype that far exceeded my expectations. As a result of Justin's knowledge, creative ideas and his ability to deliver, I am well on my way to the next step of manufacturing the product. I would personally recommend Justin to anyone with an idea and not sure what to do with it."
Don L.
Freehold, NJ
Product - Batting Tee

"I've worked with Justin for about a year and a half. From Day 1, he was attentive, receptive, creative and met deadlines. His knowledge and experience have guided me through a process that was unfamiliar to me. That included the patent search, design, development, prototyping and patent application. He was there for me at every step. He is more than a designer. He is a problem solver. Every email was replied to and call was answered. After showing his work to a manufacturing facility, I was told that his work was top notch. But, it didn't stop there. Justin provided me with all the drawings and relevant information needed for the patent. You won't find an easier person to work with. I highly recommend him!"
Ande S.
North Yarmouth, ME
Product - Mnemonic Device

"Justin and Aiello Designs did a fantastic job taking my concepts and drawings and refining them. I was particularly happy that he was able to provide astute advice on how to alter the mechanism from my initial concept. That has proven critical to providing the right kind of user experienced with the device. I've also been exceedingly pleased with his timeliness and responsiveness. I'd recommend Justin to anyone looking to get his/her product out of the ether and into the physical world."
Mike K.
Knoxville, TN
Product - Emergency Exit Lighting

"My experience with Justin at Aiello Design was that he very quickly understood the intent of my product. He went to work immediately on the design, offered many suggestions and kept me abreast of his progress on a weekly basis. I would recommend Aiello Design to anyone seeking a prototype."
Tamara B.
Mineola, NY
Product - plastic cart handle

"We were looking to replace medical cart plastic handle that was not available from the manufacturer. Aiello Design was recommended by the colleague of mine that have used Justin's services in the past. The entire operation had taken a couple of months and it was a very smooth transaction. Communication was great, all deliveries were on time, as agreed. Quality of the 3D design product actually exceeded the original, all credits to Justin's ideas! On the personal note, Justin is very patient and calm person, I am really appreciated his professionalism, patience, understanding and cooperation during the entire operation. We have every intention to use his services for the future needs."
Lisa L.
Clarksburg, NJ
Product - Bathroom Cleaning Device

"The biggest obstacle in getting my invention out of my mind and into production was finding the right company to make my dream a reality. Finding Justin was absolutely the key to my success. Prior to meeting him, I was in a sea of con-artists who were only out to rob me of my idea or my money. Justin was a creative partner from start to finish and, most importantly, was a person that I could trust. I might have given up if our paths hadn't crossed and, in hindsight, am so thankful that they did. Thank you Justin!"
Fran J.
Chandler, AZ
Product - Electric Food Cooler

"Working with Justin has been a pleasure. He is very professional and is able to deliver what he promises. I have a lot of trust in Justin because he has made my invention come to Life!"


Tommy M.
Myrtle Beach , SC
Product - JUICED Phone Charger

"Over the past year I have worked with Justin and each month continually got blown away by his honesty, hard work, and creativity. Throughout the whole process he was always there to answer my calls and questions with my best interests in mind, rather than his pocket book (something I had trouble finding with other firms). He truly is one of the few who has both a talent and passion for what he does. I couldn't be happier with my choice in Aiello Designs and I plan to keep working with him as my company begins to grow, not only for future product development but also his wisdom in the field of business."
Jordan R.
Spring, TX
Product - Remote Control LED Navigation Light

"I have worked with Justin for two years in the development phase of my product and it has truly been a wonderful experience. Justin is very knowledgeable, pays strict attention to detail, and his communication skills are above and beyond. The quality of work Justin put into my idea was masterful and the product gets kudos for its engineering design regularly. My product would not be where it is today without the services of Aiello Designs and I highly recommend Justin if you're wanting to take your idea to the next level!"
Keith B.
Holmes, NY
Product - Locking Water Bottle

"You know when you have a good idea for an invention and there's no one out there who is willing to help you? Well that's how I felt when I came up with my invention. I didn't know who I could trust with it and certainly didn't know how to go about getting it made. Thankfully, I trusted in Aiello Designs. It was the best decision I ever made. Justin took me step by step through the whole process. I didn't have to go to anyone else. The communication was impeccable. I am very happy I went with Aiello Designs and I would definitely encourage new inventors to use Aiello Designs. I promise you, you will not regret it."
Maiya S.
Washington D.C
Product - Clipper Blade Protector

"Justin is Awesome. I emailed him with an idea+sketch and with his brains, skill, and assistance, we were able to develop it into a patented product line. He is very professional every step of the way, and easy to work with. Before i hired Justin, I honestly had no clue how to make a device or what paperwork i needed to protect it or even how i would find a manufacture to produce it. No clue. Justin helped me every step of the way and he delivered excellent work! Great graphics, clean working prototypes and referred me to a trustworthy manufacture. It doesn't get any better than having him on your team. I promise."
Steve W.
Suffolk, VA
Product - NASONI Faucet Fountain

"I needed a company that could turn my design into a working prototype, and I was on the lookout for solutions. After trying several companies locally that didn't work out for one reason or another, I happened to read about Justin and Aiello Design from Tamara Monosoff in her book "The Mom Inventor's Handbook" (great book, by the way!), and she had a good reference to Justin and Aiello Design. After exchanging a few emails about my goals and ideas for what was needed, I made the decision to hire Justin, and am very happy with the results."
Kevin S.
Pittsburgh, PA
Product - Designer Flashlight

"I would highly recommend Justin Aiello to anyone looking to take an idea to working prototype and beyond. Justin was very upfront and honest about if he was able to do the project, how long it would take, and how much it would cost. Justin's knowledge and experience allow him to solve design challenges in a calm and assertive manner. You would be hard pressed to find someone who is more genuine, honest, hard working, and talented as Justin Aiello. It was a pleasure working with Justin on our project and we are already talking about our next project together!"
Lado J.
Portland , ME
Product - Motorized Toilet Seat

"I came across Aiello Design during my search for a company to design my first prototype. An electronic designer from Portland, Maine referred to Justin Aiello as industrial designer from their website. I searched the name online and found Aiello Design. I contacted the company and the work followed. Aiello Design has made all the deadlines within budget and exceeded my expectations. Any business relationship requires due diligence and I am glad I selected Aiello Design for my prototype development."
Debbie F. & Megan M.
East Islip, NY
Product - Apple Holder

"I highly recommend Justin Aiello of Aiello Designs. He was amazing every step of the way. He went above and beyond for us. I can't thank him enough for all of his help and expertise. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us. Thanks again Justin!"
Joel F.
Newtown, PA
Product - Commercial Coffee Machine

"Working with Aiello Designs has been a true pleasure. Justin has a unique ability of taking a concept and bringing it to life. His designs are flawless, his engineering expertise and knowledge are invaluable, and his communication style is direct and thorough. We're looking forward to working with Aiello Designs for many other projects as they arrive. I have to admit, when doing searches for Engineering Companies online I came across a lot of businesses that were not as advertised. Everyone should feel comfortable ending there search after one call with Justin."
Kurt J.
Pompton Plains, NJ
Product - Sand Toys

"Finding the right company to help get your project off the ground is not an easy task. I researched many companies before I found Aiello Design. From the first conversation with Justin, I knew I made the right choice. I had some rough sketches of an idea which Justin turned into reality. Every time I had a new idea on the design, Justin would listen and give suggestions which always were better than the original. Aiello Design not only met my expectations but far exceeded them. Thanks for all the help Justin!"
Chris B.
Nyack, NY
Product - Child Safety Device

"Aiello Design has been an invaluable partner in creating and launching my product. I came to Justin Aiello with an idea for an invention, and from the beginning, he laid out the entire process and the costs involved. Everything was upfront and honest. But most importantly, Justin understood exactly the problem my invention was trying to solve and then he engineered a simple and brilliant solution. He patiently worked with me every step of the way to perfect the prototype, and even put me in touch with the best, most cost-effective manufacturer. I can't recommend Aiello Designs enough."
Nicholas S.
Dover, NH
Product - Designer Brush

"Having chosen Aiello Design's, LLC, to create my prototype was one of the best decisions I've made thus far in my journey as an inventor and entrepreneur. Armed with only a light sketch and a concept, Justin was able to bring my idea to life far beyond my expectations. Bringing his expertise, professionalism, ability to understand and share in his clients vision, truly makes him a master at his craft and an important asset to any project or dream becoming a reality."


Bern P.
Boca Raton, FL
Product - Nursing Tool

"If you need a reliable, trustworthy design firm, look no further. Aiello Designs truly becomes a partner in the process of designing your product. Justin has become a trusted consultant in so many areas of business start up. As a start up ourselves, Justin has been indispensable to us as we work to launch our product. He always has time for us and makes us feel like his #1 priority. You simply cannot put a price on the value he can bring to your start-up. He works tirelessly shoulder to shoulder with us to get us to the next stage... The market!"
Niki S.
Bluffton, SC
Product - Electronic Goal Motivator

"I consider myself blessed to have found and worked with Justin Aiello to bring my invention idea to life! For over two years, I vacillated on what to do before finally getting the courage to move forward and take the "plunge of product invention" with Aiello Designs. It didn't take long for me to realize that Justin was the right person to work with because of his patience, vast knowledge and professional, honest communication. It was easy to sense the good rapport he has with people. Deciding to go for my dream and spend hard earned money to have a new product developed by someone I had never met and lived over one thousand miles away was a scary step. I appreciated knowing everything he would do upfront because it was plainly written out in the contract. I could tell he was thorough in taking notes whenever we talked on the phone because he repeated it back to ensure we were on the same page. He didn't rush through conversations. He was always prompt responding to my emails. The drawings were perfect. Whatever was promised, he delivered! He found creative ways to simplify my design and bring down the costs. I'm happy to say that he met all of my expectations! It amazes me now to see how quickly he figured out those first quirky, conceptual drawings I sent in and how he helped me piece together the visions floating around in my head. My family and I absolutely love the prototype! I'll happily send anyone needing such help to Aiello Designs!"
Sandra V.
Spring, TX
Product - Flag Holder

"Justin was upfront and honest with his prices and his communication was excellent. He walked us through the entire process and was available from start to finish. He expanded our design and we are happy to say we are pleased with his service."
Sam C.
Wilmington NC
Product - Weight Loss Tool

"Aiello design was able to provide a complete program that helped take an idea and turn it into a working prototype. Justin took the time to understand what my vision, go through the design aspect, and then fine tune the product for market. His extensive knowledge and guidance though the process gave me the confidence to pursue this venture. Justin has certainly proven himself as a great project manager!"
Vincent V.
Bethesda, MD
Product - Airplane Device

"Aiello is an amazing company thanks to Justin! Through his support, he was able to take my idea and produce working prototypes and is always responsive to my needs and goals. As a military contractor working overseas, my position did not impact the services he provided. I would recommend him to any friend or family member looking to create a product or invention."
Joe and Forest
Doublin, OH
Product - Electronic Crane Safety Device

"It was hard for us to find a prototype builder for our invention, the Hylink-4 crane communication device. We heard of Justin from other developers, who recommended him to us. After being scared from large company's from a price point and lead time we decided to go with Justin. He stayed true to his price point. He stayed true to his time line. The product we received was absolutely top tier work. It worked extremely good and to say the least Justin over performed on the prototype. If would recommend Justin and would definitely use him again. He is honest and sincere."
Abena B.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Product - Medical

"Justin brought my dream to reality. He patiently listened to me every time I talked with him on the phone describing what I wanted done. The Aiello design company turned my rough sketch to a working prototype. Justin was always professional and always returns my call. I highly recommend this company to any one looking to work with honest and trustworthy people. "
Tiarra M.
Fort Washington, MD
Product - Salon Dryer

"A year ago, I was fortunate to stumble upon a link to Justin's website from a mom's blog and everyone was raving about his great work. I decided to give him a call and inquire about his services. When I initially spoke to Justin, he explained the entire process as it related to his services. As an engineer myself, I was limited by time to design my product to my expectations in a short time frame, so I hired Justin and I haven't looked back. He is awesome. I literally explained the basics of my product and Justin utilized his knowledge to challenge me as well as suggesting various other ways to enhance the design. The prototype was great. I am now searching for manufacturers and preparing to present to investors next month. I would not be prepared to do this if it wasn't for Justin's timely completion of the design and prototype. I can't say how awesome he is. I would HIGHLY recommend Justin to any inventor."
Susan P.
Arlington MA
Product - Potty Seat

"I approached Aiello Designs to make a prototype of an idea I had for a children's product. Justin is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. He was able to understand my design from my description and basic drawings. I was very pleased with the prototype when it was done. I was very happy to have found Aiello Designs and would definitely work with them again!"


Ben K.
Spokane, WA
Product- Medical Dispenser

"Justin was a pleasure to work with and exceptionally knowledgeable. He has extensive knowledge of the industry and walked us through the entire process. Additionally, he turned the elementary-level sketch I submitted into the precise design I imagined. Highest recommendation!"
Brian D.
Norwell, MA
Product- Laser Alignment Tool

"American Test & Balance, Inc. has been working with Justin Aiello with Aiello Design on a laser alignment tool for the last 12 months. With only a crude model and an idea, Aiello Design has designed and developed prototypes used field use. The design prototypes and CAD work has been extremely precise and accurate - turnaround time on engineering designs and prototypes have been impressively quick. Ideas and changes are performed with very clear communication with direct attention to clients concerns. I would highly recommend Aiello Design.- American Test & Balance, Inc - President."
Steve U.
Portland, ME
Product- Camera Tripod

"A couple of years ago I had the good fortune to read an article about Justin in a Maine newspaper. I'm so glad I wrote down his name! 'Pakpod' is my first foray into the world of tech gadgetry. It has literally been a dream come true. The co-creative energy that's driven the entire design and prototyping process has been extremely positive and highly enjoyable. In five months we went from rough sketches to a functionally perfect (and perfectly beautiful) super-versatile tripod. His knowledge of materials, manufacturing, patent process and more is worth its weight in gold. He is a joy to work with. Look no further."
Tyler F.
Fletcher, OH
Product- Perfume Accessory

"Compared to other invention companies, Aiello Designs was the best value for our dollar. Justin was always quick to reply and helped us reach our product's vision through rough sketches and phone conversation over a relatively short period of time."
Wendy W.
Southfield, MI
Product- Designer Eyeglasses

"I found Aiello Design by searching the web about a year ago. Justin's initial advice to me was to make sure that I had thoroughly investigated "whatever firm you choose" before deciding. He suggested reading testimonials and checking the BBB for a rating and any complaints... I am so glad I did!! Justin is honest and was so smart to have me do my homework before hiring his firm to make my prototypes. He knew he had nothing to worry about and that the other company I was entertaining did not have a pristine record and excellent reputation like his does. Justin is always available to talk, return a call or an email right away. Having an idea for a new product is scary and so risky. The guidance and intelligence he brings to the table is an invaluable part of working with him. I will use him again in the future, enjoy the adventure!"
Barbar N.
Manchester, NH
Product- Closet Organizing Product

"For a novice inventor like me, finding Aiello Design was a turning point. After Justin explained the confidentiality agreement and we talked about my product for the first time, I knew I had found the right person to work with and that what had just been an idea was going to become a reality. Justin was able to explain every part of the process to me and in a short time I learned so much from him! Throughout the design of my product, Justin returned every call, answered every email and attended to my every concern promptly and courteously. Moreover, I felt that Justin genuinely cared that the product design met my expectations, and it certainly did. The prototype is true to my concept and yet the design is even better than I could have imagined it. Now with Justin's help, I am in the middle of the manufacturing phase of my product and the future looks bright!"
Glenda P.
Atlanta, GA
Product- Baby Crib Accessory

"Working with Aiello Design hasbeen a woderful experience, Justin is so knowledgeable and made the process so easy and quick. I recomend this company to anyone that needs this type of service."
Bonnie N.
Arlington, VA
Product- Picture Frame System

"Come with an idea, leave with a plan. . . that's what Justin can do for you. I spoke with other engineers who didn't understand what I was trying to accomplish. Within minutes, Justin was on the same page, enhancing the concept with sound, economical suggestions and then following through with beautifully conceived and executed prototypes. Justin is simply amazing. I could not and would not be moving forward with my product without his expertise, guidance, prototypes and engineering documents that are masterful. Thank you so much, Justin!!"
Kate O.
River Forest, IL
Product- Jewelry Organizer

"Justin Aeillo of Aeillo Design is a fantastic engineer who transforms dreams into reality. I came up with my product idea in the summer, and created a very rough draft using household items and duck tape. Amazingly, Justin helped me turn my project into a real, sleek, presentable product. After our initial consultation on the phone, I sent Justin pictures of my rough prototype and a short time later, he produced amazing professional drawings of what the product would look like. From there he suggested ways to improve the design that would be better for the long term and distribution of the product. He explained things in a very straightforward and professional manner. Justin is a pleasure to work with. He was always very accessible to the many questions I had through the development and engineering process. I would highly recommend Justin, and Aeillo Design to engineer any product."
Joe E.
Oceanside, CA
Product- Pet Accessory

"I would recommend Justin to anybody. His availability, professionalism, attention to detail, and polite demeanor all ad up to a great experience!"
Chris D.
Springfield, IL
Product- Electronic Learning Device

"I was referred to Justin by a friend who had developed an awesome product in collaboration with Aiello Design. After several lengthy interactions Justin and I decided to move ahead to work together on my invention. The most important and valuable part of our working relationship was - aside from the deliverables for the project - the time we spent upfront talking through the possibilities of the project. I had hacked a Frankenstein prototype of the invention that I wanted to manufacture. And so I had enough working knowledge of the basic technologies to be dangerous. The important work that Justin did in the early conversations we had was reviewing the possibilities of the technology that I was proposing for the mass-manufacturable end product. Building a prototype versus engineering for mass production are two completely different beasts. Within the specifications that I was desiring Justin highlighted all kinds of hidden costs not in building the next gen prototype but in the CAD engineered final product I was hoping to mass produce. In other words, Justin's ability to focus early on the end game throughout the numerous points in the long arc of the project was critical for budgeting resources and (re)setting expectations at the beginning. Why is this important? Because it helped me more intelligently scope out the project and make informed decisions about how to proceed at the various steps. And I had much of this information at the beginning. If you are serious about producing your invention, Justin has the knowledge and the foresight to help you plan for the long, hard work it takes to bring your brainchild to life."


Heidy S.
Saco, ME
Product - Hair Care System

"If you've found Justin, look no further. Finding Justin was pure luck for us, and working with Justin proved to be an absolute pleasure from start to finish! The seamless nature with which Justin turned our ideas into a comprehensive design kept our project right on track. We contacted him countless times with questions and he always had time to make sure we were satisfied. For example, If I had questions regarding manufacturing of parts, he would explain the process to me, in a language I understood."

"Justin took the time we needed on every step of the process. At the end of every meeting he would be sure to ask if we had anymore questions, and that if we thought of something later we could, "just call back." He is so positive and will do whatever he can to see your vision come to life. We never felt rushed or left with loads of questions. Having Justin on board was the best decision we made. Our prototype made such an impression with an international company, that they are considering manufacturing our product. If honesty counts, Justin is your man. He will find the most economical way to develop your ideas, from start to finish."
Allan S.
Lexington, KY
Product - Physical Therapy Exercise Device

"Doing business with Justin has been a very pleasant experience. He has a wealth of knowledge and skills that have allowed him to provide excellent recommendations to develop our prototype. He can turn a concept into reality with extraordinary results!"
Gretel G.
New York, NY
Product - Jewelry

"I'm so glad I found Justin. When I first began my project I didn't have a clue as to how I was going to approach CAD design or prototype production. I came to him with an idea, some sketches and a laundry list of specifications. In addition to working with me on a number of designs and dreaming up custom pieces to satisfy my vision, Justin introduced me to a number of different production options and taught me how to navigate the process on my own. He has a vast amount of knowledge about what works, what's possible, and how to take a concept from idea to final product. On top of all of that, he's honest, which goes along way--especially when you're entering unfamiliar territory, as I was."
J. Israel
Baltimore, MD
Product - Candle Making Device

"I've known Justin for about 10 years. Recently, I sent him an invention of my own (a candle making device). What I sent him looked like something you might find when cleaning out your basement. When it came back, it looked like something you might find in a gift shop. In addition to knowing his business inside and out, he is unfailingly cheerful and easy to deal with, and often, dare I say it? quite witty. I unhesitatingly recommend his services to any inventor who's embarking on the perilous road of turning an idea into a product."
Greg T.
Dillon, Colorado
Product - Pet Leash

"Absolutely the best decision that I made during the invention process was to work with Aiello Designs. If you are a first time inventor, Justin is an invaluable source of knowledge from conceptual design through production. For me, a major advantage of working with Aiello Designs is that you are communicating directly with Justin, the engineer, through every aspect of the process. This is not a huge company where you will be passed from department to department at different stages of development. This one-on-one approach solidifies a strong client/engineer relationship and provides for seamless continuity throughout the project. I can't wait to get this product on the market so I can start working with Justin on my next invention."
Kristin M.
New York, NY
Product - Kitchen Product

"Justin's involvement in engineering my product has been absolutely key to the success of this project. Within the course of a couple of months, he was able to transform a rough idea for a moderately complicated mechanical device into a functioning prototype, and has been very resourceful in coming up with creative engineering solutions to address performance issues in subsequent refinements of the prototype."

"One really great thing about Justin is that he has a knack for figuring out what you want even when you may not be articulating your ideas very clearly. I also really appreciate his sense of design aesthetics (everything has looked great from the very beginning), which has no doubt saved multiple rounds of revisions. He's also responsive, dependable and critical for someone entrusting their idea to a third party, honest and trustworthy."

"In summary, I consider myself very lucky to have found Justin and couldn't recommend him more highly."
Julianne J.
Silver Spring, MD
Product - Hair Accessory Organizer

"Working with Aiello Designs has been a terrific experience. When looking for a company to assist me with my prototype, I knew instantly that Justin was the right fit. He understood everything that I was hoping to accomplish and was always extremely responsive. Most importantly Aiello Designs won my trust 100% and I look forward to continuing to work with them."
Sarah W.
Detroit, MI
Product - Makeup Brush Cleaning System

"Working with Justin has been a pleasure. He didn't just take my rough drawings and turn them into reality for me. He really listened to what I was trying to accomplish and created what I consider to be an attractive, well-designed and thoughtful product, which I intend to bring to market soon. Holding my prototype for the first time was absolutely thrilling, and that's largely because Justin really exceeded my expectations in what he delivered. Beyond that, Justin has been an invaluable resource in terms of giving guidance on the manufacturing process and what to expect in terms of the nuts and bolts of bringing a product to market."
Negel S.
Bronx, NY
Product - Electronic Motorcycle Accessory

"I can only say that working with Justin at Aiello Designs has been a pleasure.The prototype that was made for me, was done professionally and at a very reasonable price.I would recommend Aiello Designs to anyone who has an invention idea and would like to take it forward."
Andrew A.
Leetsdale, PA
Product - Electronic Charging Device

"In a few short months Aiello Designs transformed my concept into a beautiful and functional prototype. The team at Aiello Designs was professional, responsive and consistently turned things around faster than I ever could have imagined. I hope to continue my working relationship with Aiello Designs as I continue to refine my current product and as I roll out additional products moving forward."
John M.
Bayside, NY
Product - Fish Care Product

"Re: Aiello Designs. I have a friend in product development and told him I had an invention that needed to be developed further. Without letting me finish my sentence, he recommended Justin Aiello. I contacted Justin at Aiello Design. I was apprehensive at first, but after he guided me through the confidentiality agreement, I knew I could trust him. So I sent him a couple of sketches, and a little video of my very basic prototype. And within a few days I had a quite spectacular rendering of my idea. Very timely, followed by a working prototype. The prototype is in use and has been debugged, and the small improvements incorporated into it. Aiello Designs also provided a list of manufacturing estimates. The device is now ready for production.. All in all, a very professional service."


Miriam K. 2012
Holliston, MA
Product - Countertop Appliance

"Expertise coupled with delivery is the summation of my work experience with Justin Aiello Design over the last year. As others have stated, Justin has the experience and industry knowledge to provide exceptional guidance throughout the design and development process. He provided us with a thorough understanding of the timelines, estimated costs, and legal considerations involved and they were enormously helpful in our planning process. In addition, his design talent and skill enabled our concept to be brought to life - literally! Justin's straightforward and honest approach throughout the whole process eliminated any stresses or concerns. Justin didn't just deliver his work, he went above and beyond several times. He made himself available for meetings and discussions whenever we requested his time and assistance. He brainstormed concepts and ideas that were outside of the scope of our product. And he revised our prototype simply because he wanted everything to be 110%. Working with Justin has been a purely positive venture from start to finish."
Barrie M. 2012
Larchmont, NY
Product - Cell Phone Accessory

"In the course of 4 years I have had numerous prototypes made from various companies. Some were from small invention help businesses and some were produced by large scale packaging manufacturers. Not one company was able to make my product small and sleek enough to my satisfaction. But, in a matter of weeks Aiello Designs produced a working prototype that far exceeded my expectations. I was especially impressed with the speed at which Justin worked. As soon as he received my specs he presented me with a much improved version of my unique product. I look forward to continuing to work with Justin for many years to come."
Daniel F. 2012
Westport, CT
Product - Dental Device

"I had an idea in my head about a product that would help a dentist and an assistant work more efficiently while enhancing patient comfort. I came to the right guy with Justin. It's not easy to put into drawings and then reality what only exists in someone's imagination, especially when it has to do with an area that may be foreign to most. However, Justin was able to achieve that very effectively through his keen sense of design, engineering and most importantly, communication skills. He's a fun guy to talk to as well as work with. He makes you feel like your project is the only one that matters and recognizes the personal investment into the idea."
Cindy W. 2012
Falls Church, VA
Product - Food Portioning System

"I am very thankful that I found Justin and Aiello Design. I am also thrilled to be writing this testimonial because my experience with Justin and his company couldn't have gone better. I was a first time inventor and Justin not only did an awesome job on the design of my product, but he also guided me in the steps to take beyond the scope of his work. He was very professional, reliable and quick to respond to emails or phone calls. I really enjoyed working with Justin and would recommend him and his company to anyone. I have more products I need designed and I'm definitely coming back to Aiello Design!!! Thank you for your hard work, expertise, knowledge and guidance!!"
John A. 2012
Meriden, CT
Product - Mosquito Misting System

"This was our first product launch and Aiello Designs was able to bring in from a creative idea to prototype and ultimately led me to a manufacturer. I was led step by step through the process and each deadline in the process was met. I was communicated with well throughout the process and the end results are outstanding. We look forward to working with Justin and Aiello Designs on many future projects. Thank You for your great work."
Miriam D. 2012
Bergenfield, NJ
Product - Shoe Accessory

"When researching for information on how to proceed with my idea I did so through There I saw an ad for Aiello Designs and decided to give them a try. So glad I did. I was very impressed when I contacted them. I felt immediately comfortable after communicating with Justin, he was extremely knowledgeable and took every idea I had and worked with me, despite my child like drawings and my inability to communicate with accuracy what was in my head. The finally product was without a doubt more than I had envision."
Brian S. 2012
Redwood City, CA
Product - Dog Leash

"For a novice inventor, like myself, Justin is an invaluable resource. Justin's technical know-how and experience enables him to reduce your idea to practice in the most simple and cost effective manner. And throughout the evolution of your product, Justin is willing to offer advice on all aspects of the invention process."
Helen S. 2012
Derry, NH
Product - Jewelry Stand

"Aiello Designs was referred to me. As an inventor for my first time, I had no idea of the outcome. Although I had drawings of my expectations, the going forward with this project was exciting, even more so, when I called Aiello Designs. "

"Upon speaking with Justin, my decision to choose Aiello Designs was confirmed in my mind. Justin not only listened, he followed through, and always strived to do even better. He always got back to me, and understood, and didn't hesitate to go forward, making it comfortable for me to do business with Aiello Designs."

"Being a New Englander myself, I took the initiative to meet him personally. His business and quality of work is excellent, just as I expected. It was a pleasure to meet with him, and I would highly recommend Aiello Designs."


Aaron D. 2011
Brooklyn, NY
Product - Massage Product

"After loosing thousands being taken by two invention companies, I had lost all hope for my idea. Happened to stumble across Aiello Designs, and my enthusiasm and interest were restored. Went from idea, to improvement, to prototype, to actual product. Was never rushed, always took my calls, always had time, and most importantly, his input made me felt like he cared. Unlike companies whose philosophy is: It's your idea. I have no comment. Thank you Justin for making my dream come true."
Donna Speed 2011
Greensburg, LA
Product - Bathroom Accessory

"The recommendation of Justin Aiello is an easy one. The first time I spoke to Justin he made me feel at ease and at the same time lifted all of the worry of "non-experience" off my shoulders. He was able to help me with everything from A to Z with my invention. Not only was he able to guide me in the right direction, he was with me every step of the way. Justin also tried to keep me grounded, and as we know with us inventors, that is not easy. I loved that when I called Justin he either answered the phone, or called me back immediately. Justin has patience (a biggie for me), experience, ethics, a sense of humor, and is someone I would work with again!"
Bill R. 2011
Saint Petersburg, FL
Product - Children's Toy

"I am very glad that I chose to work with Justin and Aiello Designs. I have never done anything like this before, and was on a very steep learning curve. From the first call, I knew I had made a good decision with the Company I chose to work with. Justin gave me a very good idea of what to expect during each phase of developing my idea. He met every time and cost estimate he gave me, and in my opinion, went above and beyond what he needed to do to help me along. Toward the end, I thought of Justin as more of a partner and friend, rather than someone I hired to do a project for me."
Alan H. 2011
Pittsburgh, PA
Product - Handheld Fire Blower

"I spent a lifetime creating advertising and marketing for others. Finally, I have a product of my own to sell and I was determined to do it right. I got some references from a big B2B Industrial Engineering shop in my home town. They liked my idea, but said they were not the right people to design it. The gave me 3 referrals to designers they knew and trusted with consumer product experience. I checked them all out and chose Aiello Design and never looked back. The first phone call convinced me that Justin was the one to work with. And he brought a lot to the party. Making my idea work wasn't easy, but Justin made it happen. He understood what I was after and translated my words into a product of beauty and efficiency."

"I now have a working prototype with lots of videos online to show how great it works. I have my patent pending and recently returned from a trade show where I privately made contacts with both potential licensees and buyers. Everyone who saw it loved the product -- especially the design. I can enthusiastically recommend Justin Aiello to anyone with an concept who wants to avoid a lot of pitfalls and work with someone who knows his stuff and how to translate an "idea" into a working, marketable product."
Elijah J. 2011
Edgard, LA
Product - Digital Shoe Decoration

"Working with Justin and Aiello Designs was the best thing I could have done. Justin took my product from the idea stage into working prototype in the most caring and expedient way possible. Aiello designs makes you feel like you're dealing with friends rather than a business while working with them. I would recommend anyone looking to bring their vision to reality to give Aiello a try."
Katherine S. 2011
Long Beach, CA
Product - Children's Product

"When I was looking for a designer to bring my idea to life, I wanted someone with integrity. I wanted someone who was honest. I wanted someone I could trust with my ideas; someone responsive, talented, creative and fair. After speaking with Justin on the phone, I decided to go with Aiello Design and I knew I had made the right choice! I was immediately impressed with Justin. He made me feel comfortable with the process and helped me to understand each step of the process."

"Even though Justin was on the East Coast and I was on the West Coast, I never felt the distance. Justin was very responsive. I felt that he totally understood the idea I was trying to convey and with his talent and creativity, he was able to bring my idea to life! Aiello Design is your one-stop-shop to take your idea from concept all the way to finished product."

"Justin is a stand-up guy! He had all the qualities that I was looking for…honesty, integrity, talent, responsiveness and his prices were fair. I was extremely pleased with the process and the final design. I will definitely use Aiello Design to help me with my next idea! Working with Justin Aiello has been a pleasure!"
Dibu W. 2011
East Hampton, CT
Product - Tire Changing System

"I'm delighted to choose Aiello Design for my new invention. His excellent in-put to my invention is beyond my expectations. I would recommend to anyone Aiello Designs in bringing your ideas to success."
Evan B. 2011
Round Rock, TX
Product - Medical Product

"I never dreamed that there were so many steps involved in making an idea a reality. Truth is, I didn't even know where to start. After stumbling across the Aiello Design website, I found plenty of useful information that helped me put my first foot forward. I found Justin Aiello to be very professional and straight forward, helping to simplify an otherwise complicated process."


Jeff L.
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Product - Ezegrip- E-Book Handle

"Aiello Designs stood out from the rest in my search for invention assistance. From the first call I had a sense of comfort and trust with them. They were always available and provided so much quantitative assistance beyond my initial design I have listed them on my patent application. I would recommend them to anyone looking to bring a product to market."
Tracy C.
Princeville, Hawaii
Product - Visually Impaired Yoga Mat

"After searching the web, I initially chose Aiello Designs because they were endorsed by the BBB. I am grateful that I did. When I think of Aiello Designs, I think of integrity. I found Justin professional, easy to work with, well connected, and extremely helpful from start to finish. I would highly recommend Aiello Designs to anyone who would like to turn an invention idea into a tangible reality."
Donna S.
Greensburg, Louisiana
Product- Bathroom Accessory

"As a first time inventor I was very anxious to get my project started. I searched the internet extensively, and with doing so talked to numerous invention companies. Of course everyone was very nice and wanted me to use their services. But, when I talked to Justin Also I felt like we clicked right off the bat. Justin was and is straight forward with answers to all of my questions. His services have been very professional, right on schedule and when I am quoted a price it does not fluctuate. And just as important he has been very patient with me and easy to talk to. I would recommend working with Aiello Designs to anyone with their first invention or their hundredth."
Charles O.
Kennebunk, Maine
Product- Ball and Band Workout System

" There are many invention companies out there who only want to deal with large clients, Aiello Design was so easy to work with and was receptive to any ideas I had. Justin takes the time to understand the product and the market for it. He has an excellent feel for the whole invention to reality process. He helped me in many ways other than just the design including legal issues,tooling, sourcing and packaging. I would highly recommend his services to anyone."
Richard C
Jupiter, Florida
Product- Surf Board Accessory

"After endless searching online and speaking with numerous invention designers to create my idea, I decided to use Justin Aiello at Aiello Designs. He was not only affordable but I felt he truly took interest by listening closely to my needs. After our first conversation I knew I had found the right person to help me design my invention. In the end, he super exceeded my expectations by creating exactly what I sketched on paper and soon after receiving my cad designs I had several working prototypes that later launched my product to a whole new level. Thank you so much Justin. I will continue using you for all my future invention needs."
Bill H.
Chelsea, Michigan
Product- ClearView Pet Nail Clipper

"One evening, I woke up in the middle of the night with a great idea for an invention. I had no idea how to execute, so I searched the Internet and eventually landed on Aiello Designs. He succinctly explained the entire invention process, gave fair pricing on deliverables, and successfully guided me to a final finished product that is currently being marketed. I could not be happier!"
Christine S.
Mancelona, Michigan
Product- Battery-Operated Toy

"I found that working with Justin was a blast. He was great at relaying what was in my head on to paper and transforming it into a beautiful initial design. Justin helped me through this tedious process and referred me to wonderful people with in the industry to work with. I wouldn't have made it this far without him."
Sherry C. and Terri M.
Boston, Massachusetts
Product- Pet Product

"When my business partner and I came up with our product idea, we were pretty lost. We had no idea how to take it from concept to reality. We shopped around for a design house that would work with us as a partner, helping guide us from design into production. Aiello Design has been all that and more. The product design phase was completed quickly and exceeded our wildest expectations - we are delighted with the final product. We have a manufacturer and are in production - that process was completed without a hitch and less than 18 months from when we started out we have a product on store shelves. We would highly recommend working with Aiello Design to anyone trying to make their invention idea a reality."
Bob F.
Ronkonkoma, New York
Product- Lawn Seeder

"I wanted to thank Aiello Designs for the excellent work they did in bringing my idea for my invention to reality. The whole process was done in a timely and efficient manner. Having Justin make suggestions through out the process was a real plus. I am truly glad I chose Aiello designs for my invention and definitely recommend using them . Thank you."


Eran S.
Newton, Massachusetts
Product- Electronic Medication System

"First, it is fun working with Justin. He is responsive, creative, patient, and friendly. He really cares about the success of your product. Second, his rounded skills and knowledge around manufacturing techniques, costs, usability considerations, IP and electro-engineering are rare. We are lucky to work with Justin. Major part of the MedMinder success is due to him."
Scott W. and Richard J.
Elliot, Maine
Product - Water Bottle

"When we started to look for an invention company to help develop our idea , I quickly saw there are many to choose from . Aiello Design was different from the rest and stood out as being honest and helpful. The quality of work is excellent, working with Justin the final product is better than I ever imagined. I would highly recommend Aiello Designs to anyone with an invention , looking forward to start on the next one."
Cynthia H.
Hatton, North Dakota
Product- Internet Dating USB Device
Website coming soon.

"A lot of inventors are very creative people types. We have a "bright idea" that needs to be manifested and for that you need A LOT of expertise and experience. You need a road map to places you don't even know exist. Justin and his team at Aiello Designs is that map. I could go on and on, but the one single quality that stands out after working with him for two years is TRUST. It's the foundation of any relationship and with it you can build a universe. You could build a universe with Aiello Designs."
Marvin P.
Roseville, California
Product- Clothes Hamper

"As a first-time inventor, I had a lot to learn about developing a new invention. After reading through the website and talking to Justin, I felt I had a comprehensive understanding of the entire process and felt very comfortable moving forward. Aiello Designs was seamless and efficient in the Invention process from beginning to end. The delivered prototype was exactly what I had envisioned from the beginning. I highly recommend Aiello Designs in bringing your ideas to life!"
Jim W.
Granger, Indiana
Product- Laser Golf Putter

"I wholeheartedly recommend Aiello Designs to anyone wanting help with transforming their idea to fruition. Justin Aiello is an honest, straightforward and easy person with which to communicate; His technical competence notwithstanding, his ability to communicate with the client on a timely basis is outstanding. Justin can take an idea from "cradle to market" or provide assistance with any individual facet of the process. I can't think of a more helpful person with which I have dealt."
Marilyn G.
Kennebunk, Maine
Product- Bike Valet

I had created a prototype of my idea and used it for a year prior to meeting Justin Aiello at Aiello Designs. Not sure what was the turning point, but I knew I had to take my idea to the next level. Upon looking into many other invention companies Aiello Designs was the right one. We had face to face meetings in which Justin was thoughtful about my idea and very supportive of me. He shared thoughts for me to consider to improve upon the design and as a team we moved the product forward to place where excitement ruled! I have a patent pending on the product now. I highly recommend working with Aiello Designs, it met my motto "if nothing is sure, everything is possible!"
Brett L.
Vail, Arizona
Product- Kitchen Counter Product

"Not knowing much about the invention process made it difficult for me selecting the right Invention Development Company. After choosing Aiello Designs Invention Development Company, I realized that right choice had been made. Aiello Designs helped guide me through the entire process step by step. I was so pleased with Aiello Designs that I used them on a second invention and will use them going forward.
Margherita A.
Fountain Hills, AZ
Product- Multiple Pet Products

"I have worked with Aiello Designs for over 4 years and in that time Justin has been able to take my verbal ideas and poorly drafted drawings and create functional prototypes. Those prototypes resulted in 3 patents and two trademarks. I have found Justin to be honest, easy going, fast and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend him and his company if your just starting or want to refine an invention."
Jonathan L.
Atlanta, GA
Product- Snowboard Handle

"The one thing I have learned in the invention industry is there are a ton of vendors out there that will sell you on their amazing services that you 'must' have to succeed in this industry. After navigating for years in this business of inventing, I must say that Aiello Design has been hands down a partner you must have and will always use. Aiello design has been so instrumental in my success. They are always the first company I recommend to start with in the invention process, as Justin is always reliable, trustworthy, and always willing to go the extra mile to help in your success. Thank you so much for helping Hellahandle become such a fantastic product."
Marc C.
San Fernando, CA
Product- Rollerblade Brake

"I am now able to call myself an inventor because of the help from Aiello Designs. My invention went from idea, to paper, to CAD, to prototype and on to a Utility Patent right before my eyes. I highly recommend this company. Justin will always be my go-to for exceptional invention services."

PHONE: 207-467-9145 M-F, 9-5, EST