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word to the wise

There are all types of companies vying for your business. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to be educated on the Invention Development Process.

Here are a few pieces of advice taken from the personal experience of Justin Aiello. This advice is based on having spent more than 20 years providing Product Development services to individuals and companies designing products for the consumer, medical and industrial markets. Justin holds many patents and awards for products he has developed including a few of his own.

When talking to anyone or any company about your idea, always have them sign a confidentiality agreement before you disclose any information.

Too Good to be True
Be wary of any companies that claim to handle every imaginable part of bringing a product to market, including market analysis and product promotion. If they claim to be able to provide a "Free Market Analysis" I would be very suspicious. I have reviewed one of these "Market Analyses" and was shocked to see the company supplied one generic form designed to take anybody's idea and make it look like it was the greatest idea since the wheel.

If you want a market analysis, go to a company that specializes in market research. If you want help promoting your product, hire experts in that area. Likewise if you want Invention Development, go to a company that specializes in Invention Development, such as Aiello Designs. Would you want your butcher to throw in an eye exam with a purchase of 2lbs. of beef?

Other Companies
Stay away from the invention companies that claim to submit/promote your invention on your behalf. I have talked with many individuals who have spent a good deal of money working with these companies and have nothing of value to show for it. Companies that won't discuss fees over the phone are trying to force you to go in for the face-to-face hard pitch. This process begins to have the same appeal as a cult.

These are the same companies that advertise at 3 am on latenight TV for a free inventor kit. If a company makes you uncomfortable or gives you any reason to be suspicious, STAY AWAY!

The Federal Trade Commission, or FTC, has stepped in to help bring some order to the invention development industry. In doing so, they created "Project Mousetrap" to identify and shutdown fraudulent invention companies. You can learn more about this law enforcement program at

Before conducting business with any invention company I recommend using the FTC web site to find out more information first. Go to and type in the name of the company and principal into the search box to see if they have been cited, and/or, fined for fraudulent activity.

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